The Ascot Residences

“Old school” design and construction meets modern technology in Ascot’s self-contained residences.

The things that matter the most in this design are those that stay and cant be changed, so whilst Ascot ignores fads and new trends, it embraces strength and timeless quality. Features like 9½ foot ceilings and voluminous balconies ensure you will never feel confined. Large kitchens, bathrooms and ample storage spaces sets Ascot in its own class of no-compromise design. You deserve a quality residence that will retain its charm forever.

Classical high-quality fixtures that are chosen carefully and pass rigorous quality tests take precedence over the newest designs and styles.

Ascot is discreetly wired with the latest in fibre optic connections to not just accommodate today’s devices but


also for the needs of future generations. As you would expect, high-speed internet and wi-fi are simply there with no need for you to set up accounts, plans or deal with extra bills – you are connected, doing business and communicating with friends instantly.

Solar power subsidizes the community needs of the property and the entire structure is extremely durable, both assisting the goals of minimal on-going costs and long term value.

If you choose to only use your residence part of the time then you can avail yourself to the resort management that will maintain and run your property within the resort for a healthy return on your investment. The Ascot resort caters to the elite of holiday makers and “escape artists” that would be privileged to enjoy the paradise that you have already discovered.

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