Ascot on Grand Bahama is a distinctively designed residential-resort development catering to discerning individuals looking for a place that is far from the troubles of city life yet close to major USA cities, idyllically located yet with meticulous day to day service.

Some would call Grand Bahama one of the world’s best kept secrets – commuting distance from the USA yet worlds away from the congestion and rush of the cities. Fresh ocean breezes, a simplistic lifestyle that carries the charm of fresh seafood daily, coconuts for refreshments, and people that, for some reason, seem to smile more than others.

Ascot holds strongly to the themes of quality, longevity, sustainability, elegance and impeccable service. Designed to be timeless and constructed to last generations, the fads of today’s world are cast aside for the best available in tried and proven quality.

Oversized balconies that cater to outdoor lifestyle, cross-flow breezes and views are attached to every residence. While state of the art climate control is utilized, Ascot ensures


that you can enjoy the most pleasurable climate control of all – an open window with a fresh sea breeze. High ceilings, breezeways and sun shades bring back features that made island living so desirable.

The gardens are lush and many are edible, so your walk or run through the 18 acres may include a stop to pick some native sea grapes, cocoplums, or a shimmy up a ladder in the orchard to get a fresh avocado for your breakfast. An evening stroll may include gathering some fresh herbs to use in your gourmet kitchen.

Fresh seafood is delivered straight from the ocean to the beach, so keep an eye out as you may spot a fisherman to wave over and select from the catch of the day.

Built for life and run as an exclusive, peaceful resort means that every day at Ascot, whether it is all year round or as just an occasional retreat, is special. Nobody ever seems to get tired of a serene oceanfront location, especially when it is backed by such an elegant and complete infrastructure.

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