Orchard & Gardens

Landscaping is pivotal to the design of Ascot, in fact, building density has been cut back to allow for a higher green density. A mix of tropical, native and edible plants are scattered throughout the development, plus hedges and flowers shape formal designs that are the foundation of numerous garden retreats.

Typical tropical fruits such as papaya, passion fruit, mangos, bananas and avocado are scattered throughout Ascot and the exotic fruit orchard has succulent delicacies that are rare and


sought after, like dragon fruit and custard apple.

At Ascot every day is a celebration so the flowers are there for your enjoyment. Take a stroll and cut what you need or what catches your eye that day.

If you don’t feel like picking your own fruit or flowers you can also make acquaintance with one of the on-site gardeners – they will be glad to help.

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