Beach & Pool

The biggest draw to the Bahamas is the ocean. The clean, shallow waters sparkle over its famous sandy beaches that appear to be endless.

From Ascot you can walk for 2 miles along a clean uninterrupted sandy beach that stretches from as far east as the resort precinct of Port Lucaya to as far west as the channel that feeds the canal system. Walk straight into the water at any point – it’s sparkling clear and has a gentle incline to suit all swimmers.

Just off the beach are coral heads that support many types of sea life – perfect for an easy snorkeling excursion.

To compliment the beach, Ascot has a world class infinity edged swimming pool that portrays the pool water running continuously to the ocean. This perfect view is complimented by private, shaded island pool cabanas.

If you are not just into soaking in the sun and floating around then the olympic sized length of the beach-front pool allows for serious exercise or training.

Ascot has three large pools across its entirety.

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