' Ascot Bahamas

There comes a time when your perspective changes. Fast cars, loud music, casinos and wild parties become fond memories that you are happy you lived but happier to have in your past.

You desire qualities that are understated, unpretentious and discreet. You insist on credibility, solidity and for many – elegance.

The simple pleasures experienced as a child, that you tried so desperately to evolve from, now become some of the most important things in life – sand between your toes, riding a horse on the beach, the taste of fruit straight off the tree, and the beauty and fragrance of flowers.

Whilst you may have once been impressed by a large new supermarket loaded full of manufactured produce you now crave for some fresh herbs straight from a garden and relish the burst of flavour that you never truly appreciated until now.

Having a large mall nearby used to have so much appeal, but now you dream of having the ocean – not just a short drive away but just outside your window.

It doesn’t have to be a dream. It’s real and just 30 minutes away from Florida on the island of Grand Bahama. The water is sparkling, the people are friendly and the perfect beaches stretch further than you can see. You may have to share the flowers with the hummingbirds and adjust to delicacies such as fresh lobster being as plentiful as fresh coffee. You may tend to forget about traffic jams and lose track of time, re-prioritizing your life to what matters to you, but it is time you thought more about happiness than whether you got cut off on the freeway that day.

A change in perspective may be one of the keys to happiness ­– Ascot may be just the catalyst you need to complete it.

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